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Buddhi Clinic has a unique focus on the brain-mind interface from diagnoses to comprehensive care and rehabilitation.
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Integrating cutting edge modern science with the wisdom of ancient healthcare traditions. Founded and led by a world leader in neuropsychiatry, we are inspired by excellence.


To champion interdisciplinary and comprehensive care in neuropsychiatry, innovating unique best of class models for mental health & neurodisability.


From clinical science and research, through patient care to public health engagement. To revolutionise the field of neuropsychiatry through holistic understanding and comprehensive interdisciplinary care.

Our Story

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Dr. Ennapadam
S. Krishnamoorthy

MBBS, MD, DCN (Lond), PhD (Lond),
FRCP (Lond, Edin, Glas), MAMS (India)

Founder Buddhi Clinic

Dr. Ennapadam S. Krishnamoorthy, is an internationally acclaimed Neuropsychiatrist and Behavioural Neurologist with special interests in epilepsy, dementia, and autism.
His work is focussed on the development of holistic understanding and comprehensive care models. His expertise in brain and behaviour encompasses all age groups - children, adolescents, adults and elderly.
Youngest Indian Neurologist & first Indian Psychiatrist to be elected Fellow of all three Royal Colleges of Physicians in the UK (Glasgow, Edinburgh & London)

Our Team

An inimitable group of individuals: intelligent yet grounded, chirpy yet serious, intellectual yet pragmatic, wise beyond our years, with an enviable skillset that becomes a symphony for you! We are the Buddhi Team!
We are at the cutting edge of research & education. We strive to empower society by raising awareness. Founded & lead by a world leader in neuropsychiatry, we are inspired by excellence.
Buddhi Clinic - Our People
Dr. Rema Raghu

Dr. Rema

Chief Clinical Officer
Our family & lifestyle physician, holistic healer, diagnostic & therapeutic whiz. Soft, gentle and kind, she puts you at ease to understand your body & link it with your mind and soul. She's one tough cookie when it comes to enforcing your lifestyle rules.
Gayathri New 1 Team New


Chief Executive Officer
From setting up our spaces, to keeping them in order; coaching the team; managing money; engaging in creative thought & communication, hers is the calming, supremely influential hand that touches all. Her gentle demeanour may lull you into complacency, but what lies beneath is steely resolve and oodles of common sense.

A. Vellayan

Advisory Board - Chair
A. Vellayan, an alumni of Doon School with a Masters Degree from Warwick University and Honorary Doctorate conferred by the Aston University, UK and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Earlier he was the Chairman of Murugappa Group and continues to be the Chairman of Coromandel International Limited and Roca Bathroom Products Private Limited. He is also the Chairman of Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode.

Usha Ramakrishnan

Director- Buddhi Seva
a Senior Consultant in Emotional Intelligences and Emotional Wellness with child development and parenting specialisation. With a background in Psychology and Special Education, and over 3 decades of field experience, working with children and young adults with developmental / neurological, disabilities, she has pioneered the use of the Functional Holistic Approach and Multiple Intelligences.

Raghu Venkatnarayanan

Non-Executive Director
Raghu Venkatnarayanan: A senior management professional with 20 plus years of experience, Raghu is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras with PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad. Having served in several senior consulting and leadership roles (E & Y, PWC ), Raghu has wide experience of advising companies across domains on business strategy and management. Raghu co-founded Trimed and has been a director since inception.
Raju 1080 x1080


Executive Advisor
A first generation serial entrepreneur, an alumnus of IIT (Madras) and IIM (Ahmedabad), his 24 year track record speaks volumes of his ability to envisage, build and scale a business. He was the force behind organizations such as Firstsource, RevIT, Lason Inc, VetriSystems Inc. and EDS.
Srinivas Acharaya


Advisor- Buddhi Clinic
CAIIB 1981 Retired from a very active corporate life for over 35 years at the helm of companies in the financial services sector. Currently, on the board of 3 manufacturing companies in Sundaram Finance group. Also, apart from the initiatives of Dr ESK, associated with the Voluntary Health Services and the Cancer Institute, both in Chennai. Lives in Chennai.

Mind Lab

Anandhi Ranganathan

Senior Specialist ( CBT, CRT, Adolescent Counselling)

Ms. Pavithra Palani

Clinical Psychology

Mr.Rudrarjun Rao

Psychologist , Hatha Yoga practitioner

Speech Rehabilitation

Brain Lab

Mr. Vivek Misra

M.S (Clinical Neuroscience), Fellowship - Brain Stimulation. Senior Specialist (Clinical Neuroscience and Neuromodulation)

Mr. Elaiyaraja M

Bsc, DCNT , Senior Specialist (Electrophysiology)

Mobility Lab

D. Jerald Yuvaraj

D. Jerald Yuvaraj

Senior Specialist (Neurology, Neurodevelopmental therapy, Pediatric-care, Musculoskeletaldisorders)

Keerthi Venkatraman

Senior Specialist(Physical Therapy), BPT

D. Janet Priya

Senior Specialist (Neurology,Orthopedic Physiotherapy)

Francis . C

Physical Therapy, BPT

S.P. Muthukumar

Specialist (Orthopaedic physiotherapy), M.P.T (ortho)


Dr. Deenadayalan S

BAMS ,MD Senior Ayurveda Physician (General medicine , Gynecological disorders , Skin Issues)

Dr.Vishnupriya R (Buddhi Clinic-Chennai)

Naturopathy & Yoga

Dr.Janani M (Buddhi Clinic- Coimbatore)

Naturopathy & Yoga


Mr. Dilip Kumar S

Senior Therapy Technician (Ayurveda Panchakarma & Naturopathy therapies)

Mr. Manikandan S

Therapy Technician (Ayurveda Panchakarma & Naturopathy therapies)

Ms. Jeeva A

Senior Therapy Technician (Ayurveda Panchakarma & Naturopathy therapies)

Ms. Jinu Remesh

Therapy Technician (Ayurveda Panchakarma & Naturopathy therapies)



Senior Therapy Technician (Ayurveda Panchakarma & Naturopathy therapies)

Ms. Durga Devi

Therapy Technician (Ayurveda Panchakarma & Naturopathy therapies)

Corporate & Admin

Mr. Thangavel S

Accounts & Finance

Mrs. Sabira A

Human Resources Management& Administration

Mr. Vaidhya Narayanan A S

Business Development

Mr. Manoharan C

Admin & Front Office

Mr.Sandeep Kumar J

Admin & Front Office

Peer Reviewed

Buddhi Clinic’s best of class clinic practice model conceived and developed by Dr. Ennapadam S Krishnamoorthy, has been published in prestigious journals and books and presented by invitation at prestigious international forums.
EPF Accolades New

British Epilepsy Association

Lead to the landmark publication Krishnamoorthy ES & Gilliam F. Best clinical and research practice in adult epileptology. Epilepsy & Behavior 2009
Springer Accolades New

Pediatric Neuro-psychiatry

A Case Based Approach. Eds. Hauptman A & Salpekar JA. Springer, 2019
NIMHANS Accolades New

The TS Srinivasan NIMHANS Conclaves

(2015-2020): where we have presented each year our model of care for autonomic disorders, dementia, epilepsy and stroke
INA Accolades New

International Neuro-psychiatry Association

Chennai, 2008; Kyoto, 2011; Chicago, 2013; Jerusalem, 2015 and has been published in the international scientific proceedings of these meetings
WHO Accolades New

World Health Organization

Received special recognition as a best practice model of care in The World Health Report 2012 (on Dementia) a landmark publication by the WHO
Oxford Accolades New

Oxford Textbook of Neuro-psychiatry

Eds: Agarwal N et al, Oxford University Press, 2020
ASAD Accolades New

Our Integrative Approach

Our integrative approach has also been presented in serial meetings of ASAD with the unique benefit of in depth discussions with Asian experts http://www.asiandementia.org/
Google Scholar Accolades New

Our Integrative Approach

Has been covered under multiple citations on google scholar.

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