Children have a unique way of expressing their mental distress

Some show it through expression, others through emotional and verbal cue. When the problem is shown through a mixture of ways, why should it be tackled through only one way? Here, at Buddhi Clinic, we provide a blend of conventional therapy with ayurveda and naturopathy.

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We specialise in complete brain and mind care.

At Buddhi, We offer a comprehensive program of blended healing that brings together the best each discipline offers – from Brain Stimulation to Psychological Therapy, Ayurveda to Yoga, Cognitive Stimulation to Naturopathy, Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy Access Buddhi Services through Home Care, In-Hospital & Online models.

We specialise in complete brain and mind care for adolescents and treat conditions like

Integrative mental health services involve a holistic approach to care that takes into account the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of an individual’s well-being. These services may include traditional therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychotherapy, as well as complementary and alternative approaches such as mindfulness-based therapies, art therapy, and nutrition counseling.

Patient Stories

Shanthi – The Time Keeper

Shanthi – The Time Keeper

Shanthi co-operated for the therapy. Though there was no significant benefit, her mother was pleased with the procedure and requested a longer period of therapy.

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Isra – Teen Tantrums

Isra – Teen Tantrums

With the therapies and the modified drug regimen, Isra has become quieter with a better attention span and improved academics. The mother is the best

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