Buddhi Clinic


The BUDDHI Clinic represents a unique amalgam of two models of excellence, Neurokrish & TriMed From world class assessment and diagnostics using a unique combination of clinical skill and technology; to a personalised blend of highly skilled cutting edge treatments, conventional therapies and the the wisdom of ancient treatment medical traditions. The BUDDHI Clinic represents everything you may have been always seeking for YOUR brain and mind, yet never received, under one roof. Welcome to our innovative and holistic world.

Buddhi Constituents

Neurokrish- the neuropsychiatry center has pioneered interdisciplinary assessment and care for disorders of brain and mind and works at the cutting edge of clinical science with scientific & raising awareness meetings, research & publications

TriMed is India’s first integrative medical therapy centre chain which has pioneered therapeutic programs for a range of chronic diseases and conditions that present with pain, mobility, stress & mental health and lifestyle issues


At the Buddhi Clinic our patients straddle the human lifespan from the cradle to nirvana. Everyone has a brain & mind; and sometimes during the course of our lives, our brain and mind malfunction, needing deconstruction & sorting out. That indeed is the raison d’etre of the Buddhi Clinic.