Autism & Hyperactivity: A Story of Hope from Buddhi Clinic!

Taz (affectionately nicknamed after the remarkably volatile yet gentle Looney Tunes character the “Tasmanian Devil”) was brought by his grandfather to Buddhi Clinic at the age of 3. Taz was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder. Taz displayed common symptoms of both conditions, such as extreme hyperactivity, a lack of social and language skills, and the inability to maintain eye-contact. His parents and extended family were distraught with his condition. Apart from prescribed medication to help Taz with his attention, volatility and disruptive behaviour, the course of treatment devised for him by experts at the Buddhi Clinic involved a combination of behavioural therapy, Neurodevelopmental therapy, and family counselling. He also receives help from the Ayurveda & Naturopathy experts in Buddhi Clinic, combining head & neck massage with medicated mild with acupressure, reflexology & mud therapy. 


Soon, Taz began to improve leaps and bounds, milestone after milestone - his first words, progressing from playschool to kindergarten, into primary school, and getting past numerous hurdles with the help of his caring therapists, family, and friends. Gradually, he began showing signs of improvement in areas where he lagged far behind other children without ADHD. The integrated approach employed by his expert therapists at Buddhi Clinic, started yielding results in the form of his developing dexterity, motor skills, handwriting, as well as cognitive abilities. Taz also showed remarkable signs of growth in his social skills and behaviour thanks to sustained behaviour therapy and parental counselling. His teachers at school witnessed a tremendous improvement in his performance in all areas, so much so, that Taz even topped his class in Mathematics! 


After five years of continued treatment, Taz and his family decided to move abroad. We at Buddhi Clinic even assisted his parents by offering a detailed summary of his condition and course of treatment for his immigration visa, in order for them to procure special assistance in their new country of residence. When Taz first arrived at the Buddhi Clinic, he was a boisterous, troubled kid who would turn the room upside down. At the time of his moving, Taz was transformed into a warm and caring child, who continued to be a bit impulsive and disruptive from time to time, but with far better cognitive abilities and social functioning than his family and friends ever imagined him having. 


Taz’s story is easily one of our happy stories at Buddhi Clinic, with effective care, a supportive family, continued therapy and treatment, and a positive attitude to know that help is only around the corner. Head out to Buddhi Clinic and find your peace of mind and walk away with a happy story, too!

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