Pioneering #Neuropsychiatry through Integrated brain & mind care across the lifespan.

We firmly believe that putting a multidisciplinary team together under one roof, to care for you, is merely the first step. To be effective and add life to years, the team has to perform in synchrony. It is here that our unique world class model, developed diligently through years of painstaking research, comes into being.
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We are multidisciplinary, multicomponent & holistic. #Aatmanirbhar in spirit!

We address the 3M's critical to the brain, body and mind in one seamlessly integrated program : Memory , Mobility , Mental Health.

We specialise in complete brain and mind care.

At Buddhi, We offer a comprehensive program of blended healing that brings together the best each discipline offers – from Brain Stimulation to Psychological Therapy, Ayurveda to Yoga, Cognitive Stimulation to Naturopathy, Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy Access Buddhi Services through Home Care, In-Hospital & Online models.

Buddhi for Children

Neuropsychiatric disorders in children range from the developmental – ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual Disability to the acquired- Anxiety, Depression, post Head Injury conditions to name a few. Our integrative “Beyond Medication” approach ensures that the affected child and family receive comprehensive care that restores, rehabilitates and rejuvenates the child, leading to a new beginning. Family caregivers of children so affected need help and guidance themselves, as also a structured plan, and this too we provide as part of the care process. Buddhi Clinic also works with the child’s educational institution (school, special school, junior college, vocational centre) in order to help in the holistic development of the child so affected.

Buddhi for Adolescents

Neuropsychiatric disorders in adolescents can reflect hitherto unrecognised Attention Deficit Disorder or indeed Socialisation Disorder; temperamental peculiarities associated with life change (the transition from childhood to adulthood); reactions to environmental stress including academic pressure, bullying in school or junior college, relationship factors etc., with anxiety, mood swings, hyper-emotionality & turbulent relationships being outcomes. At Buddhi Clinic our comprehensive care approach goes beyond medication to address their unique bio-psycho-social needs, preparing them for the future. Further, our unique multiple intelligences and positive psychology approach gives young people clarity about higher education and future careers.

Buddhi for Adults

Neuropsychiatric disorders in adults can arise both from biology and a range of psychosocial factors. Adults with neurological conditions like epilepsy, head injury, brain tumors, headaches and pain syndromes, Parkinson’s and other movement disorders, all present with memory, mood and anxiety problems. On the other hand, mental health problems in adulthood like anxiety & phobic states, bipolar mood disorders, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and schizophrenia, have unique mental health needs. At the interface are patients with unexplained medical symptoms, fibromyalgia, chronic pain etc. seeking, yet not receiving, solutions. Our comprehensive care approach goes beyond medication to help restore activities of daily living and optimal life quality.

Buddhi for Elders

Neuropsychiatric disorders in the elderly often emerge from degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, progressive cerebrovascular disease leading to little strokes that disconnect the brain pathways etc. Elders are also vulnerable to mental health conditions that follow declining health, disablement, loss of loved ones and loneliness. Memory loss, mood disorders, anxiety, temperamental peculiarities and progressive neurological disability are frequent accompaniments of brain ageing. Our interdisciplinary approach goes beyond medicine, combining the best of modern science and the wisdom of ancient traditions, to create individualised plans for each individual patient.

We specialise in complete brain and mind care.

We offer a comprehensive program of blended healing that brings together the best each discipline offers – from Brain Stimulation to Psychological Therapy, Ayurveda to Yoga, Cognitive Stimulation to Naturopathy, Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy

Access Buddhi Services both in clinic and online for health and well-being!

At Buddhi Clinic, our unique integrative health program for general medical problems, called Trimed Therapy, goes beyond medication to address a range of health and lifestyle factors. We integrate therapies for pain management, bone and joint conditions, sleep, diet & weight, digestive, respiratory, cardiac, hormonal and women’s health conditions. Trimed Therapy is also preventive, adding years to life and life to years. Discover how a combination of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga with physical therapy, psychological support, diet and lifestyle can transform your life!

Buddhi Seva our social impact model extends a helping hand to those in need.

Buddhi Seva, our social impact program, blends seamlessly our desire to serve those in need, by reaching out to Corporate Social Responsibility and private philanthropy. Managed jointly by Neurosciences India Group a two decade old trust and Buddhi Clinic, through a clear arm’s length relationship, Buddhi Seva uses a means tested benefit model to add substantive free treatments to each beneficiaries care program, striving to make genuine impact.

Buddhi Clinic is at the forefront of raising awareness about #Neuropsychiatry.

We specialise in the diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation for the gamut of disorders of brain and mind blending the best of modern science, the rigour of modern medicine and the richness of ancient healthcare traditions. Our approach to integrative neuropsychiatry has lead to several academic meetings, books, book-chapters, papers and webinars. We strive to disseminate awareness & knowledge, to develop an open, holistic and futuristic thought process, in the cause of people with neuropsychiatric conditions.

Integrative Healthcare across the lifespan

We are at the cutting edge of research & education. We strive to empower society by raising awareness. Founded & lead by a world leader in neuropsychiatry, we are inspired by excellence.


In honor of Dr. Krishnamoorthy Srinivas’ 91st birthday, we are thrilled to announce an enlightening webinar that delves deep into the fascinating world where neuroscience meets music. This unique event is hosted by Buddhi Clinic and powered by Neurokrish, promising an evening of insightful discussions that bridge the gap between our brains and the music we love.

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Crucially, at Buddhi Clinic, we adopt a holistic approach to healing our patients and focus on their overall wellness and recovery that goes beyond cure. We think different—not just about illness or disablement but also about ability and enablement.

Patient Stories

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What’s up, doc?

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Shanthi – The Time Keeper

Shanthi – The Time Keeper

Shanthi co-operated for the therapy. Though there was no significant benefit, her mother was pleased with the procedure and requested a longer period of therapy.

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Buddhi Clinic’s Brain and Behaviour Dialogue with the legendary Prof. Michael R Trimble of University College, London, curated and presented by Neurokrish The Buddhi Clinic

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